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Welcome to sweetsoundofmusic.com my website is all about most things to do with music, from the pleasure of listening to your favorite tracks, to creating our own music at home, and the electronics behind it.

My name is Royce, and I certainly hope you will bookmark my website and come back here often, as I progressively work on this.

It will have a mixture of information on here, that is what I have personally learnt and taught myself and affiliate links to sites where you may purchase anything from books and courses on playing music, to the instruments themselves.

Disclaimer:I will make a bit of commission from those purchases to hopefully offset the cost of running this website, I know my wife Sharon will appreciate that, as she is paying for the site. It is hoped this will become my future income.

One of my main objectives with this site, is showing you, me slowly and progressively learning to play the guitar myself, as I am a beginning guitarists.

I have recorded one video of myself, starting out on this journey, so there will be plenty more to follow. So please subscribe and follow along with me, an hopefully you might even pick up your guitar and follow with me as well, so we may interact.

Author about to commence guitar lessons

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