Electronics in music

Electronic components

What’s an electronics page doing in a music website, well very easy answer, without electronics we would not have modern music, as you will appreciate the two are totally linked together

How do we hear an electric guitar, normally we patch it into an amplifier to hear it?

So what does an amplifier consist of, this can vary widly, dependng on the design of the amplifier requirements? Tone controls and a speaker, running mainly of 240 volts AC, now that really shows you I am Australian but now you get my drift, just how important electronics is in music.

On this page, I will not go into the subject deeply, as that area alone is massive, but I will talk basic electronics, and give you links to a course you can do on basic electronics practical and theory.

Electronics is highly used in the music industry.
Power amplifier used in Public Address system

Typical amp used for guitar

Electronic components used in all sorts of circuits.

Pictured above, are many different components used in electronic circuits, and this is just a small selection of components used in electronic circuits.

One of the first things you may notice with music, especially P.A systems (Public Address) is the amount of cables used.

Well that is simply because, everything has to be patched together to get the signals going where they need to be.

The guitar for example, a signal has to go from that to either a mixer or a portable amplifier, especially if electric.

Generally there are two ways to do this, one is by cable, the other is wirelessly.

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