Learning Guitar

Toady I start learning my guitar again, but first I have to re-string it, so will get that done, I might record the process of doing this.

Tuning your guitar with the tuning pegs

At the headstock of your guitar

Tuning tool with cutter to help you finish cutting the string waste of.

Use a tuning tool similar to this to not only wind the strings to their correct tension or tune, but to also cut the string nicely on headstock.
Tuning tool with cutter

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this page will begin at the start with your guitar, if you are a newbie as we are called, start by understanding the parts of your guitar, the body, which you can sit on your leg, then the neck, and finally the headstock, then gradually work your way through the lessons.

Your average guitar, being electric or acoustic has 6 strings, and surprisingly, the top string or the thickest string is the E string, and the bottom string or the thinnest one is also the E string.

Remember, even 10 minutes per day is better than nothing, but 20 minutes will really get you moving, but don’t try to do this fast, it is not a race to get there first, take your time, and make your lesson count. Plan to move forward each day,but don’t skip the lessons. And don’t forget, you can always come back to that lesson.

Here are the letters of each string on a six string guitar.

The 6th string is E top thick one.

The 5 string is A

The 4th string is D

The 3Rd string is G

The 2nd string is B

and the 1st string is E bottom thinnest one.

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