Vinyl records

Have you chosen to turn back to vinyl records

What made you, make that decision. I have bought one record myself, but I am yet to buy the turntable. It is incredible to see the latest tracks coming out on vinyl and CD, so why is this happening.

Turntables are now and have been very hot topics in music. You have deep pockets, the market will accommodate you, you have shallow pockets, it will also accommodate you.

From the extreme end to the basic, they are all covered.

Basic consumer turntable

Records or Vinyl’s as they are known have been around a long time

How does a piano work?

A piano is a beautiful but complex instrument, I am talking about the weighted key type, not the plastic keys. meaning the sounds are not computer generated, as modern piano’s do have plastic type keys on timber frames here are a few videos that might help you to understand the intricate workings of them.

The complicated workings of a piano.

So as we can see, that beautiful instrument you like to sit at and play is indeed superbly intricate instrument.

Electronics in audio

What’s an electronics page doing in a music website, well very easy answer, without electronics we would not have modern music, so as you will appreciate the two are totally linked together

How do we hear an electric guitar. Normally we patch a phono cable from the guitar to the highz input of an amplifier to hear it?. So what does an amplifier consist of.

The electronics to boost a very tiny signal of Millivolts from the guitar, up to something big enough to drive an amplifier, and finally a loud speaker, which is powered by 240 volts AC, now that really shows you I am Australian. but now you get my drift, just how important Electronics is in music.

I will not go into the subject deeply, as that area alone is massive, but I will talk basic electronics as in cables and plugs at this point, and give you links to a course you can do on basic electronics practical and theory.

Yamaha PSR-510
Yamaha PSR-10 Keyboard

Now please understand, I am not saying you need to know the circuitry of an electronic keyboard, that’s likely impossible, but just an understanding of basic electronics, even to know the difference in the plugs, what job are they intended for, as you don’t mix them around.

Open reel deck

At one stage I had two turntables and a cassette deck, then a trip to Adelaide in South Australia, which is where I live, I discovered the world of open reel decks. The open reel deck I purchased was the TEAC X10R which was complete with DBX compression system. Unfortunately I no longer have this unit. The deck below is the same model, but without the DBX unit.

There is something special about the operation of an Open reel deck, the large reels turning, the mechanical operation of the solenoids, and motors picking up speed.

I still have a fully operational JVC SVHS video deck.