How does a piano work?

A piano is a beautiful but complex instrument, I am talking about the weighted key type, not the plastic keys. meaning the sounds are not computer generated, as modern piano’s do have plastic type keys on timber frames here are a few videos that might help you to understand the intricate workings of them.

The complicated workings of a piano.

So as we can see, that beautiful instrument you like to sit at and play is indeed superbly intricate instrument.

We all love music

We all love music, whether you just like chilling to your favourite tracks, or you are at the other end of the scale and love to produce your own music, and that also includes computer-generated music, I will include it here, as I do have an older Yamaha keyboard PSR-510 for those who are interested, it does have midi, and yes I would love to upgrade it to USB keyboard.

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Yamaha Keyboard PSR-510
Yamaha PSR-10 Keyboard

Sitting gathering dust now I have an M-Audio Delta 1010 card which works perfectly, but of-course Windows 10 does not support it, I had some success with Linux

Let us take a small look at some of the history of recording music, as there are some incredible ways to record it but also listen to it.

Turn table, now having a resurgence
Vinyl record spinning on turntable

We have gone from analogue recording and playback, namely the record player for playback, and music being mastered on tape.

We now have the digital recording, so now we have the purists, who don’t like digital and would rather have analogue. Here we have the arguments, on both sides and will delve into both.

Learning to play a piano

There are two different type of piano I refer too, the acoustic one, which has the strings in it on a massive metal board, which are struck by the hammer, or the electronic keyboard type, which fits into a smaller space, and delivers it sound via a speaker, and is computerized.

Here is the acoustic type which we are all familiar with.

Acoustic Piano

The acoustic piano has weighted keys, and a mechanism which moves a hammer and strikes the string. the strings which are wire, similar to a guitar, are tension-ed over a metal frame, and resonate, when the hammer strikes the string.

These types of piano’s are usually miked to get the sound out to a bigger audience.

Then we have the electronic variety, they can be weighted keys, for the feel, as they are electronic, and produce their sounds via various methods, including synthesizer, or actual memory banks which have the recorded sounds on chips

You will hear their sound via a built in speaker, or patch cable, to an external amplifier, or through a mixer.

Electronic keyboard.

Sweet sound of music

Sweet sound of music is all about music, from the instruments to the equipment, including recording from home, to the CD’s themselves, and even records!

What type of guitar do you play, electric, acoustic, bass.

And I am not limiting this site to guitar, I include piano, drums, both acoustic and electronic, even those ukulele