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Basic Electronics


Why does a music website have a basic electronics page, you might ask.

Apart from acoustic instruments, music equipment, is either electonics based, or needs electronics to amplify signals for us to hear, or manipulate it.

Music starts somehow, if acoustic it needs to be converted to a signal at some stage, whether that is analogue or digital.

That process is achieved by a microphone. if acoustic.  A microphone is actually a transducer, meaning it converts sound pressure waves, to an electrical signal, or voltage to put it another wayback the other way, for us to hear it it.the signal from a microphone, is tiny, at a few millivolts, that signal has to be amplified, so other equipment can use it, and eventually amplifiers can work with it.

What is the most basic or useful electronic circuit we can have?

It goes like this, a battery, three pieces of connecting wire, and a globe, the globe is a resistor, it is the element  that heats up when electrons pass through it and glows giving of light, now that has all changed with the use of low power LED's now being sold, to complete the circuit, we also need a switch to open and close the circuit, and with those components  we have a torch.

Take your amplifier for your sound system, it s rated in watts output, whether that be 20Watts, 50, or even 100 or more.

However the signals going into it are  very small.