In a lot of cases the audio chain starts here, with a microphone

the signal progressors to here the audio mixer where it is mixed with other signals, guitars and drums etc.

An acoustic guitar needs to be miked, unless it has an inbuilt pickup, which you can then plug a phono plug and cable into.

Recording studios, would record the music to these big open reel decks, the secret to their dynamic range and bandwidth, was high speed recording, a lot of tape would pass under the recording heads, to increase the density of the recording, which improves dynamic range, this is an analogue recording machine, as oposed to the new digital format, but of which is being abused by over compession of CD recording.

As technology has moved on, the computer, is now the recording medium, either in a studio enviroment or at home.

There is plenty of top quality *DAW software out there to record with, some is totally free, which is on the Linux platform, while some you need to pay for, for example, Yamaha and Steinberg join together, to produce DAW software and audio equipment joined forces Windows platform. Your choices however are in no way, limited to these two.

*Digital Audio Workstation.

Artist guitars even have kit guitars, that's right build your own guitar, personalize it the way you want it, in the colour or colors you like, you  build yourself, check them out by clicking on the guitar below.

daw software.jpeg

An industry standard Shure SM57 michrophone

Drum kits, the range is big, with a huge selection of colours and drum sizes and finishes the acoustic drum kits have and are the main stay for most musicians,  that however has changed, with the introduction of electronic kits, the electronic kits, do offer some advantages over the acoustic ones, as you can play them with headphones on, your neighbour might even like you for that. From basic sounding models through to very sophisticated models that  emulate acoustic sounds and feelings, with the latest models having mesh skins, that give the feeling of conventional skins. Even hybrid models are available, that combine the  two worlds together, with both acoustic and electronic drums in one kit are on offer.

Fully electronic



You may have your own instrument or you are listening to a record or CD on your home sound system, to hear that music you need both an amplifier and speakers, or even headphones for personal listening, your sound system,  can be a little system in your bedroom, to a huge PA system for a large crowd, and everything in between, take a busker, they need something very portable, usually battery powered, but everyone needs to be able to hear them clearly.

I heavy been to many live concerts with my wife, I always find the same problem, just to loud, you really can't enjoy it to the fullest.

Below are some amplifiers that deliver those high volumes of sound or Decible sound pressure.

The inside of a power amplifier

Public Address speaker system

High pressure speaker, without out the cabinet.

Another version of a snake, but on wheels.

Called a snake, long and slithers where required. they are also known as a multi cable. One very important cable, taking all signals from stage to the mixing desk. These are basically mike cables all bundled together, and include fold back cables.

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