There are many varied and beautiful instruments in this world, there are some we see a lot. The acoustic guitar is one of those, and in a band the drum kit.

The acoustic guitar is a very popular one, they are usually light, very easy to transport, and because of the design of the guitar, they do amplifier reasonably

These are only a small sample of instruments, there are many more

Acoustic drum kit

Electronic drum kit

Two major differences in instruments are acoustic and electronic. Acoustic is an instrument that does not need amplification to be heard, drums and acoustic guitars full into that category.

As we all know, it is a bit hard not to hear a drum kit, as they are mostly play loud. the loudness of a drum kit can be controlled in two ways, the stick can be played very low to the instrument, which can produce a much softer sound, or you can completely muffle it, by dropping a cloth over it, I have a prime example of that. 

Dad playing music with his kids, as you can see in the video, they have placed cloths over the drums to tone them down, definitely a case of music in the family, and by the way, mum is working the camera.

5 string Bass guitar

Double Bass

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