A power amplifier

I have purchased a power amplifier for my audio recording suite, It is a Yamaha unit, and no it is not brand new, but one I picked up through Cash Converters Adelaide where I live. The Audio quality on this unit is fabulous, I am hearing sounds that I never heard before, and that is from YouTube Right now, we are in lock down in South Australia, as Covid has struck again, and to top it of, very hot, so not a very pleasant time at all. I have to insulate my music and video shed, as it is impossible to be in there today. So a few pictures of the unit.

I had to make up some phono cables this morning before it become to hot in the shed, so now the Yamaha amplifier is now connected to my Yamaha mixer, I test it with some tracks of YouTube, and the sound is very clean and detailed, way better than the other amplifier receiver I have. With that unit I am going to give it a full service, including replacing the caps in it. .

I will change the plugs going to the speakers, when the lock down finishes in S.A.

My Yamaha mixer


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