Vinyl how nice.

Now I have my turntable setup, what a difference is my listening experience, I have bought some secondhand vinyl's recently, they went for 0.50cents so if there were some bad ones, but hey for that small investment, not much to loose, one had a burn mark on it, which is a disappointment, as the rest of the vinyl plays very well.

I decided to wash them all to clean out any contaminates in the grooves the process, takes under two minutes, this action, worked very well, and by drying of with micro clothes, nice and dry very quickly,so now

on most tracks, very clear and clean music. I have also bought a small, rather firm nylon brush to wash out the tracks. What am I using? a little dish drops and water. there is some expensive cleaner on the market, but that comes from England, and I am Australian, so very expensive,


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