High tech audio file turntable

The turntable has been around for a long time, with many variants to the design, it even disappeared to a degree, with the arrival of the CD.

I even made the mistake of selling my mint condition collection of Vinyl records, aarrgh, well as we all know unless you live under a CD collection, the record player is back, and so is the vinyl record, and I am pleased to say it is, I am not against digital at all, I just enjoy the records, it is just great to hold a record place it on the turntable, watch it spinning around, and watch the stylus tracking the groove, there is some emotional connection with that. I also use to own an open reel to reel tape deck, I miss that as well. Turntables are a very sophisticated device, trying to reproduce the sound as accurately as physically possible.

Consumer level turntables

Cardboard cover of a vinyl record, The record itself is coversed by a plastic antistatic sleeve

Vinyl record

The job of the stylus is not an easy one, as this has to track the micro grooves precisely, in order to reproduce the music faithfully.

Here is my Fathers day present, and it is great, have played a few albums on it, very nice

Because I have been involved in music as a hobby all my life, I am always looking for information, that might help with my interest in this subject. One such page come into my hands this morning, dealing with turntables, and the term "phono" so I thought to have a read  and give you the link to the article as well.

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